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About the Founder

Naturally Bare was founded in 2012 by Deidre Gavin, a Los Angeles native, her love for nature transcended into developing a luxury natural life style brand. "While my girlfriends were shopping for clothes, I opted for essential oil scalp massages, facials, or creating a blend of oils for my body to help my sensitive skin", says Deidre. While attending Tulane University in New Orleans, LA. as a premed student, Deidre felt at home more than ever greeted by the family she never knew. Her growth and interest in holistic health and preventive care took over. "I suffered from acne as a teen and most of the products were to strong, but I never gave up on healthy skin", Deidre claims. In 2011, Naturally Bare Boutique Skin Care Studio opened in West Hollywood, CA. After working with renown dermatologists as well, Deidre realized body care was a missing component. She begin addressing skin disorders, dry skin, thinning aging skin, hyper-pigmentation and soon, Naturally Bare Couture Body Care was born in 2012. "Our customers are elated to have a natural and organic foundation that smells alluring, beautiful, clean and sexy formulated for Men and Women", says Deidre. Ms. Gavin resides in Los Angeles County with her 2 boys, Greyson and Bailey.

Thank you for being "Couture in Nature"

Deidre and Bare Baby Greyson!